Blood of Christ Rosary

This is my Blood of Christ rosary.  It is a way for us to meditate on, the pain, suffering, and HUGE sacrifice our Lord Jesus made for us, His children (even knowing what imperfect children we would be).  It is a gentle reminder that being Christian doesn’t give us the power to stand in judgment of others, only the opportunity to spread God’s love through our actions as well as words.  That is what being Christian is all about.

The tear drop shape of the beads symbolizes the Blood of Christ and the wire wrapped Paters Blood of Christ Rosarysymbolize thorns from the crown he was forced to wear. All of my glass rosaries are fully customizable and ~made to order~, so please allow an extra day or two for completion before shipping. And remember….every full-sized, hand made, Speziale rosary also comes with a special prayer card and a drawstring pouch for easy storage.

BEADS: 6x9mm Siam Ruby Red Tear Drop Czech glass beads (symbolizing the blood of Christ). Paters are wire wrapped symbolizing thorns.
CENTER: Italian silver plate Ecce Homo center
CRUCIFIX: Italian silver plate Mary Crucifix showing Our Lady collecting the Blood of Christ in a cup. I chose this crucifix as a reminder of the sacrifices made by Our Lady and the rest of Jesus’ family. I think as Catholics, we sometimes tend to forget that they suffered and made sacrifices as well.
WIRE/CHAIN: 22g silver plate wire/flat link Italian silver plate
LENGTH: 22 inches

Unlike store bought rosaries, I use bows instead of jump rings for added durability.

The back story of this rosary comes out of a lifetime of personal experiences resulting from choosing to be Catholic.  You see, growing up we had more grandparents, aunt’s, uncles, and cousins than many families, but unfortunately I very rarely saw them. My paternal grandfather loved and accepted us with an open heart, but unfortunately only one of my dad’s siblings (an Aunt) ever decided to pursue a relationship with us (when I was in my late teens).  The other family members just couldn’t get over the hurdle of having Catholics in the family.  They believed we were pagan, idol worshipers, and even polytheistic. It was so bad that my paternal grandmother wouldn’t even participate in my parent’s wedding.

As many Catholics out there know from personal experience, the accusations always seem to vary depending on who your accuser is (Atheist or just another denomination of Christianity). For example, sometimes we are seen as pagan or polytheistic because some believe we worship the saints and Mother Mary as gods. Sometimes we are accused of being idol worshipers because we may have a statue or two in our church or homes.  And for some reason subjects like The Holy Trinity are deemed so offensive that people aren’t even open to a discussion on the topic.  But, oddly enough, one of the biggest accusations I’ve had to defend myself against is the perceived Catholic “preoccupation with the crucifixion”.  I’ve literally had dozens of Christians tell me that since my focus isn’t solely on the Resurrection we are completely missing the point of Christ’s life.  For some reason many believe the extreme sacrifice made by Jesus, his family, and friends along with the torture, emotional abuse, and cruelty they suffered is somehow less significant than His Resurrection.

Growing up in this kind of environment can be difficult for a small child.  How does a child build a strong sense of self when family members, friends, boyfriends, co-workers, and other acquaintances keep judging and berating you for who you are?  This rosary is a tribute to something that seems mainly Catholic.  Like many Christians, being Catholic means our moral code does not change with the current political or social climate.  But it also means we are to be tolerant of ALL beliefs whether we agree with them or not.  Not only is it a celebration of God’s never ending love, but it is also a gentle reminder that we were not created to stand in judgment of others.  We are here to spread His love through words as well as actions.  That is what being Christian really means.

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