Sodalite & Dumortierite Rosary

Sodalite, Glass & Dumortierite RosaryCheck out this amazing glass and stone rosary!!   This customer originally chose the 8mm round Sodalite beads from my custom rosary section which featured the traditional shiny blue finish.  Since I didn’t have enough for an entire rosary, they were listed along with a glass option with the idea that we would alternate stone and glass through out the entire rosary.  Luckily her favorite glass turned out to be the 8mm crackled round Czech glass which added a great sparkle and softness to the whole rosary.  We then decided to use matte finished Dumortierite stone nuggets for the Paters.  Dumortierite is mostly blue with a slight touch of purple/lavender here and there, but the matte finish on these made them look like something you might find in your own backyard.  The addition of the Dumortierite Paters along with her choice of the pewter Tree of Life set made this unusual rosary very special.  Unfortunately the picture doesn’t capture the detail and variation in color found throughout the rosary, but it was one of the most amazing rosaries I have made to date!!  I am very grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to put it all together for her. 

What great choices!!


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