Handmade Angelite (Angel Stone) Catholic Rosary

Handmade Angelite Stone RosaryThis is a “one of a kind” Angelite stone rosary. It’s the only one I have in stock because the softness of the stone makes finding beads difficult.

Angelite is one of my most favorite stones. I just love the feel of it!!  Also known as Angel stone, this sky blue stone is much softer than others like jasper, onyx, quartz, etc., so it wouldn’t hold up well if handled roughly (I only mention this because I used to have a customer that regularly and accidentally slammed their rosary in the card door. :)) 

The soft blue color reminded me so much of Our Lady, which is why I chose the Miraculous center for this one.  And remember….every full-sized, hand-made, Speziale rosary also comes with a special prayer card and a drawstring pouch for easy storage.

BEADS: 10mm Angelite (Angel Stone) puffed square stone beads.

CENTER: Italian silver plate floral Miraculous center.

CRUCIFIX: Italian silver plate matching floral crucifix.

WIRE/CHAIN: 20g silver plate wire and 18g sterling silver round link chain.

LENGTH: 24 1/2 inches

Unlike store-bought rosaries, I use bows instead of jump rings for added durability.

**This rosary recently sold, but If you would like to customize your own rosary please click here to take a peek at my custom rosary section.**


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