Who Am I??

2010 was such an interesting and enlightening year for me. Unlike past years, I suddenly had customers complaining that my rosary part prices were too high and should be more in line with other wholesale companies. This was a first for me…. I had never been pressured, bullied, or guilt tripped by my customers before. Sad Face :(

Now…. let me start by saying I can totally understand why it started. With the value of the dollar dropping, inflation just beginning, and the jobless numbers rising, many have hit the panic button. Times are tough and money is tight, but the constant barrage made me realize it may be time for me to explain the purpose of my company a little more clearly. Smiley Face

You see, most professional rosary makers get their supplies from wholesale companies who are able to sell stock at a lower cost in return for licensing requirements, higher shipping and handling charges, and minimum purchase requirements. But what about all the other rosary makers out there? What about the people who don’t own a business and solely make rosaries out of a strong devotion to their faith? These folks tend to get lost in the shuffle and are the main reason why I started the supply side of my company. People like this don’t have a business license. They can’t always meet the minimum purchase requirements and they can’t always afford to pay the $8-$20 shipping and handling fees charged by many wholesale companies.

So, to clarify, I have never been a wholesale company. Instead, I am a retail company open to everyone including those who love making rosaries but don’t have a business of their own.

Since I’m a retail company some of my prices may be a little higher but my shipping charges are lower, customers are not required to have a business license, and there are no minimum purchase requirements. This is also why every rosary part is pictured along side a ruler. You see, some people measure size based on the part alone and others measure based on the part including its rings. This way everyone can get an idea of the part’s size no matter which criteria they use. But the most important difference between myself and other suppliers is the fact that I am a 100% non-profit company. Thumbs Up

Most of the charities I donate to are listed along with their item. All other profit goes to a family of children in Africa who were orphaned when their parents, aunts and uncles all passed away from aids. These children are depending on me to pay for their education and give them a safe place to live (especially the little girls). This is also why I can’t afford to buy my parts in bulk like wholesale companies do. If I were to buy the 5000-10000 required number of every part I offer (like other companies) I wouldn’t have any money left for our kids. If I lower my prices further, we will have to let at least 1 little girl go. I’m sorry but I just can’t put her personal safety and future at risk simply because some people would prefer to pay .05 less for a rosary center.

I hope I don’t sound harsh here. It’s definitely not my intention, but I just thought it important that people understand the difference between wholesale suppliers and myself. My business is not a way for me to earn a living. I’m a disabled person who has been unable to work for about 13 years now. Instead, my business is a way for me to give back to my community and others as well. It is a calling or mission, if you will. I’m not sure how else to describe it, but I can tell you I will continue to keep my prices as low as possible in order to give equal access to all potential customers whether they are business owners or not.

Oh…. and I almost forgot……. Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!


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