USPS Postage Increases :(

The new postal rates are in!!!  Here are the new shipping costs. 

U.S. Shipping:   The standard 1st Class flat rate shipping will go up to $2.95.  Domestic flat rate Priority will go up to $6.50 but will still be a free upgrade for packages over 1 pound. 🙂

Canadian Shipping:  Canadian shipping will go up to $7.50, but will no longer include the certificate of mailing.  The certificate of mailing is a way for the shipper to prove the package was actually sent (if you don’t have the receipt).  To add the certificate of mailing it to your order the cost will be an additional $1.10 per package, but this option will need to be added manually to your order, so please contact me first before paying for your purchase.  🙂

Insurance:   At this time shipping insurance is only available for shipments within the U.S.  Here is the breakdown of cost:  $0.00-$50.00 = $1.95,  $50.01-$100.00 = $2.45,   $100.01-$200.00 = $3.05,  $200.01-$300.00 = $5.10,  and $300.01-$400.01 = $5.95.

As usual if you have any questions, please let me know.  Take care.  🙂


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