October Giveaway (Update)

Hey everyone,

My October giveaway was a great success. I was able to give away 10 of these awesome hand held crucifixes. Thank you for the support!


It’s giveaway time!!! So here’s the deal. Recently after witnessing the chaos that has become our new norm, I decided to change my plans for this month. Instead of a rosary, I have 10 awesome olive wood hand crucifixes to give away. One individually packaged olive wood cross will be sent with every full size rosary order (1 per customer) until I run out. If you decide you don’t want one that is ok too, just let me know. 🙂

This month’s giveaway is a direct result of my growing unease about our country’s future. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if 2020 turned out to be our last free election. The events I see unfolding before my eyes are eerily similar to those orchestrated by Hitler before he conquered Germany (before WWII).

I’ve watched our personhood slowly eroded by those seeking the fundamental transformation of our country. The content of our character no longer matters because our individuality has been removed from the equation. We are seen as objects born either innately bad or innately innocent simply because of what we look like or what we believe. Honestly, I understand the motivation behind this tactic. It is much easier to convince people to destroy each other once they are dehumanized, divided into groups, and assigned labels. We’ve seen it happen over and over again throughout history, but I never thought I would live to see it here in the U.S.

Look at how easy it has become for people to assault and harass others on the street for their beliefs! It’s crazy! This is not what America stands for but here we are, witnessing people being emotionally and physically threatened for not kneeling to, agreeing with, or supporting certain organizations or people. I am watching our children being fed propaganda on the internet, TV, and in school in an attempt to change everything they know to be true (another Hitler tactic). People are losing their livelihoods, and at times their lives, to those who see themselves as judge and jury. We have gone from a melting pot where everyone was free to say what they believed even if we agreed to disagree at times, while still being unified as a nation, to a country resembling a patchwork quilt, divided into sections, each one lacking tolerance and understanding of the others.

I’ve seen good people attacked and abandoned by family members including their own children and grandchildren because some political, educational, or media wack-a-doodle told them it was just. I’ve seen really good God fearing people blindly jump on a bandwagon they know absolutely nothing about and spread division and hate because they believe they are on the side of good. I’ve seen really good people so wrapped up in their own identity politics that they have completely lost their ability to feel compassion or empathy for anyone else but themselves, slowly becoming everything they say they stand against. Our country has been made into a place, slowly over time, where everything is completely black and white. No more gray. If we stand up, voice an opinion, or have differing beliefs they fight to cancel us into submission, destroy our businesses and livelihoods, even threaten our families and personal safety. If this fundamental transformation continues our country will not survive. We will soon find ourselves living in a country where rights once taken for granted like faith and speech no longer exist.

This dangerous situation is what is behind this month’s giveaway. Not everyone can play a major role in the huge spiritual battle we are facing, but there are things we can all do. We can become like those small Christmas lights we see on our big dark Christmas trees every year. We can take a stand, live by example, and judge people only by the content of their character. We can respect the life experiences and individuality of others instead of assuming who they are based on what they look like or who others say they are. Hopefully together we can shed enough light to squelch the darkness and use the power of prayer to provide strength and spiritual protection for those on the front lines. It will take lots and lots of prayer.

My hope is that these crosses will provide some comfort and something solid to hold on to, while we weather this storm together. We can’t all be on the front lines of this battle between good and evil, but we can pray every day, live by example, and help where we can.

P.S. This is a prayer I found years ago. I can’t remember who wrote it but I say it all the time. It seems appropriate now. 🙂

O Lord, take possession of these souls and make them wholly yours: may they enjoy your presence within them, for you are ready to give yourself to all. O my God, they are created in your image: let them resemble you more and more, and grant, both to them and to us all, pardon grace and glory for your loving sake O Lord and not for their merits.

For those that want to pray the rosary with others: http://www.comepraytherosary.org/

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