New Blue Lace Agate Stone Rosary

Come by and check out my new blue lace agate rosary.  The quartz Paters are the last I have in stock of that shape and cut, so when this one is gone it will be a while before I can make another. 🙂

Blue lace agate 6mm_thumbnail


Old Cancer Sets Leaving Soon!

Hi All,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that my old pewter cancer sets will be retired as of January.  If you want a few sets before they are gone, please let me know.  All left over stock I have will be donated to charity to make room for the new stuff coming. 🙂set-cancerpewtercreed_thumbnail

Even More Neon!!

Ok everyone!!  Here are the last 3 new neon colors.  All of the new neon colors are 6mm fire polished, faceted Czech glass.  These are not the normal rubberized plastic we’ve seen lately.  Come by and check it out!!neon blog post 3


Heads up all you neon fans!  I just got a huge box of 6mm fire polished neon beads in.  There are 10 different colors (I think).  It will take me a while to sort through them and get them photographed and listed, but I wanted to give you all a heads up.  Here is a sneak peek! b_wink


More New Car Rosaries Part 2!!

Here are the rest of my new car rosaries.  Click on each image to visit the listing for more information.  A couple of these designs are limited in availability.  Once they are gone I won’t be able to make anymore because the beads have been discontinued.  If you have questions let me know. 🙂  Thanks for looking!


auto-matte black small

Matte Jet Black Sacred Heart Car Rosary

auto-purple iris

Purple Iris Multi Colored Car Rosary

auto-sapphire cube round

Sapphire Blue Miraculous Car Rosary

auto-siam ruby

Siam Ruby Sacred Heart Car Rosary