Part Restock & New Stuff!

Hey Everyone!

Parts arrived from Italy this week.  Woo Hoo!!  I have restocked many of the basic centerpieces like the Miraculous medal, Lourdes & Fatima water centers and Mary with Baby Jesus.  I have also restocked my traditional angular crucifix, relic crucifix, large filigree among a few others.  The supplier sent me the stamped version of the tear drop sunburst crucifix instead of the one with the separately attached Corpus, so I will be taking new pictures and adding that one as an option to the existing listing until the few of the old style are sold out.  OK?  I also have a new Fatima center with dirt from Fatima instead of water, a larger Miraculous medal and a new simple crucifix that will be added soon.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Keep checking back over the next week for the new additions.

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Rosaries by Speziale 🙂

Italian vs. American Manufacturing

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As more and more jewelry makers delve into the realm of rosary making it seems a good time to clarify the differences between American and Italian manufacturing. Many jewelry makers assume the same level of American quality even when purchasing rosary parts made elsewhere, but unfortunately this is not the case, so let’s take a peek at the differences.


Here are the basics. Foreign rosary parts have always been made differently from American jewelry components. It’s been that way for over 100 years.  Jewelry components usually include features like thicker silver or gold platings, lead free pewter bases, and even solid sterling silver or 24K gold options. It is also very common for American rosary part manufacturers to use similar metals, which is why they are so much more expensive than their Italian and Chinese counterparts.

Most Italian rosary parts are made from a metal mix called Zamak which includes things like zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper, but the exact recipe varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  For example, all of my suppliers mention using a silver “flash” plating on their silver tone parts.  This type of plating is very thin compared to our American standard which is why some jewelry makers don’t consider it to be “real” silver plating and get very offended if you refer to it as such. Two of my suppliers also include small amounts of silver in their general Zamak recipe. Each manufacturer does something a little bit different. 🙂

Long story short, if Italian and Chinese rosary parts were plated with the American standard sterling silver or 14k gold, their cost would go up substantially.  Affordability, durability and variety are what make Italian rosary parts so popular, but sterling silver or 14K gold they are not.  This is why when talking about rosary parts you always see words like Italian silver plate (or tone), American silver plate, or Made in China.  If you look for those specific identifiers, it will help you understand what the center or crucifix is made of.  OK?  🙂

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. OK?

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White Rhodium Lily Set Back In Stock!!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you all know that my white rhodium lily set that had been discontinued by the manufacturer is now back in stock.  I was able to negotiate a decent deal with them to make more for me.  YAY!!


Miraculous/Our Lady of Grace Center

Check out this new Italian silver plate rosary center.  I love it because it is very similar to a sterling silver option that has been around for years.  Unfortunately the supplier I get these from can be flaky, so I may not be able to keep them in stock for long.  Come by and check them out while you can. ctr-mary statue

Changes To My Rose Centerpiece

Hey Everyone!

I hope all are well. 🙂  I wanted to give you all a heads up about my rose/Immaculate Heart centerpiece:

My manufacturer has run out of the image we normally use for that center which means my new batch is a mix of the old and new.  The new image has a white background and the Immaculate Heart is much clearer than the old one. new-immaculate-heart-image2.jpg

For now I have both available in the same listing as before to make comparing the images easier, but in the future the new center will be moved to it’s own listing.  🙂  If my awesome customers decide they prefer the white image then I can make sure we use that one on all future orders. OK?  Otherwise, next time we will have him make more of the blue.

Take care and have a great week!!

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Clearance Prices Lowered!

Hey Everyone!

I just finished lowering the prices in my clearance section.  Once the gold plate parts are gone there won’t be any more for a while, so now is the time to buy!  Here are a few of the items now on sale!


Old Cancer Sets Leaving Soon!

Hi All,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that my old pewter cancer sets will be retired as of January.  If you want a few sets before they are gone, please let me know.  All left over stock I have will be donated to charity to make room for the new stuff coming. 🙂set-cancerpewtercreed_thumbnail

New Centerpiece and Cross Added!

Hey Everyone!

I just added 2 new unique Italian silver plate rosary parts to the online store. One is a double sided Holy Spirit/Holy Family center and the other is a very unique red enamel Infinity Cross.  Come by and check them out!!