Rosaries Under $25

Who wouldn’t love a rosary under $25? With our current inflation, supply chain stuff and all the other wonky things happening in our world right now it seemed a good time to focus more on creating new rosaries that anyone could afford, featuring basic Italian silver tone parts and my basic wire and chain option (not heirloom). I’m starting with the neon colors because, well, I love them so much!!! But also plan to have others soon. There is a banner in the store to click on, but you can also use the word Under25 in the search bar to see what’s new. I will post pictures and links on Facebook as I get them finished, but for now here is a sneak peek. 🙂

Search Under25 to see what’s new!

Changes To My Rose Centerpiece

Hey Everyone!

I hope all are well. 🙂  I wanted to give you all a heads up about my rose/Immaculate Heart centerpiece:

My manufacturer has run out of the image we normally use for that center which means my new batch is a mix of the old and new.  The new image has a white background and the Immaculate Heart is much clearer than the old one. new-immaculate-heart-image2.jpg

For now I have both available in the same listing as before to make comparing the images easier, but in the future the new center will be moved to it’s own listing.  🙂  If my awesome customers decide they prefer the white image then I can make sure we use that one on all future orders. OK?  Otherwise, next time we will have him make more of the blue.

Take care and have a great week!!

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Our Lady of Knots and Heart Lockets Now Available!!

I have just added 2 new rosary centers to the online store in both the retail and custom rosary sections.  Sorry it took me so long, but I really think they were worth the wait. 🙂

Our Lady Untier or Undoer of Knots Rosary Center

Our Lady Untier or Undoer of Knots Rosary Center

Heart Shaped Our Lady of Grace Locket Center

Heart Shaped Our Lady of Grace Locket Center.  This unique center opens up to provide storage for special intentions or photos of loved ones.

Custom Rosary Colors: Crystal, Quartz & Diamonds

Everybody LOVES diamonds!!  Since most high quality diamonds are used for jewelry, rosary makers turn to some less expensive options that still add a “diamond look” and sparkle to any rosary.  Alternative options include clear quartz stone, clear glass and even Swarovski clear crystal.  The most flexible of the three is Czech glass because clear options are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes (matte, AB, luster, etc) that other glass, crystal, and stone colors don’t always offer.

Some even believe that diamonds enhance things like competence, trust and love. They are also a symbol of strength due to their sturdy composition. Although diamonds are usually the first choice in engagement rings, they also represent both the 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries. Another interesting tidbit, many ancient religions saw diamonds as either hardened tears or tools of God (or of “the gods” depending on the religion). What a wonderful visual to keep in mind for those whose birthstone is the diamond!!

Best of all, Diamond (Crystal Clear and Quartz) are also the official birthstones for April!!! 

To find out more detail about the clear options available for your rosary, click the image below.

april birthstone colors

Mexican Sky Eye Jasper Stone and Lampwork Glass Rosary $30.50

Mexican Sky Eye Jasper Stone and Lampwork Glass Rosary

This adorable, “one-of-a-kind” Mexican Sky Eye Jasper stone rosary is made from real stone, handmade lampwork glass Paters and silver plate parts. Visit my online store for more information about this adorable handmade rosary.

New Czech Glass Bead Section For Rosary and Jewelry Makers

Beads, Beads and More Beads!!

I just started listing some Czech glass beads for rosary (and jewelry) makers to use in their own creations!  Unfortunately this is taking much longer than I originally expected, but hopefully I will have everything updated within the next few months!  If you are looking for a specific color and don’t see a listing in the bead section, please contact me to check for availability.

Don’t forget to check back often to see what’s new!!!

Take care and God Bless!!!

Aqua Fire Polished Czech Glass Beads 8mm

More New Pater Options Listed

Here are some new GREAT Pater options just listed in the Custom Rosary section!!

Awareness Ribbon Pater Beads

White Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pater Beads 11mm

Silver Plate Heart Filigree Pater Beads 9mm

Silver Plate Heart Filigree Pater Beads 9mm

mirage bead paters 6mm

Mirage “Mood” Color Changing Pater Beads
(sizes vary)

New Stone Option Page Now Online!

Hi there!!  I FINALLY have my new Stone Availability Page up and running!!  This is where you will find all kinds of stone, wood, plastic and sometimes metal bead options to create your own unique Custom Rosary.   Some stones may be used to create a full size rosary, others may be used as filler/mixer beads and most of them are available to be used as Pater beads.  There are many, many options to choose from.  Come by and check it out!!

Stone Availability Page

Click here to see what’s new!!

New Stone Rosaries Just Listed!!!

Hi There!!  We have just listed some very interesting stone bead options in the custom rosary section including Amethyst, Angel Stone and other earthy stones like Jasper and Silver Leaf.  Come check it out!!!

Faceted Amethyst 8mm Beads

Faceted Amethyst Stone Beads 8mm
Starting at $48.00

Amethyst Stone Egg Shaped Beads 8mm x 10mm

Amethyst Stone Egg Beads 8x10mm
Starting at $64.00

Silver Leaf Faceted Stone Beads 8mm

Silver Leaf Faceted Stone Beads 8mm
Starting at $35.00

Paintbrush Jasper Stone Beads 6mm

Paintbrush Jasper Stone Beads 6mm
Starting at $25.00

Angelite (angel stone) Beads 8mm

Angelite (Angel Stone) Beads 8mm
Starting at $32.00

Surreal Jasper Stone Beads 6mm

Surreal Jasper Stone Beads 6mm
Starting at $24.50

Memorial Birthstone Rosary

Memorial Rosary

This very special, custom birthstone rosary was made using a unique blend of Czech glass colors.  The Aves above the centerpiece are 6mm AB Alexandrite fire polished and the Ave beads between the center and crucifix are 6mm fire polished light sapphire blue.

The Paters are 8mm white Czech glass snow pearls.  The rosary is wired using 20g silver plate wire and 20g round link silver plate chain along with Italian silver plate parts.  You can click on the image to see a larger version.

I have many more options available in my store.  Stop by for a visit!!