AB Alexandrite & Daisy Car Rosary

This is my full sized AB Alexandrite, Czech glass, fire polished car rosary. These alexandrite beads appear lavender in sunlight and light sapphire blue under flourescent lighting.  The 8mm daisy Paters add a sweet touch to this traditional car rosary. Unlike other car rosaries, these are fully customizable, and contain the complete lower section (instead of just 1 bead). All of my car rosaries are ~made to order~, so please allow an extra day or two for completion before shipping.  Unlike store bought rosaries, I use bows instead of jump rings for added durability.




New Car Rosaries Coming Soon!!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know I am revamping my car rosary inventory, just in time for Christmas!  I have several new designs coming very soon.  Please check back here for pictures and more details.  Some of these new designs will be a one time deal because they are made from beads that have been discontinued.  So if you see one you like, check the description to see if it is a “one of a kind” design.  OK?  Once those are gone, I won’t be able to make any more.

Thanks bunches,


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Custom Rosary Colors: Amethyst

 Amethyst is another of my most popular rosary colors.  Energy medicine and other alternative practitioners believe that amethyst is representative of spirituality, peace and healing energies, but for me personally it has always been a very a spiritual color tied to the season of Lent and the suffering of Christ.  The shades used for most of my glass and crystal beads are based on Amethyst stone colors and will vary from darker, to lighter, to milky and even a more grapey color.  I also offer a few genuine stone bead options for those who appreciate the beauty of real stone.

Best of all, Amethyst is also the official birthstone for February!!! 

To find out more detail about the Amethyst stone and glass colors available for your rosary, just click the images below.

amethyst bead options

amethyst bead options 2