Custom Liberty Rosary

Hey Everyone!  This custom Liberty rosary was made using the standard 6mm Czech glass beads, but we used upgraded wire, chain and parts.  The wire is 20g silver plate with 20g round link sterling silver chain.  The centerpiece features St Christopher (patron of travelers) along with an Italian silver plate angel crucifix.  This is an example of what you can do to personalize any rosary in the shop.

Liberty car rosary for Mt St Vincent Auction 2017


The Liberty Rosary

I created this rosary as a gentle reminder to pray for our troops, their families, and ourThe Liberty Rosary country as a whole. May the Holy Spirit touch the hearts of our government leaders and give them the strength to put ALL selfish motives aside, and do what is best for our country and its citizens. May they also become fully aware of how their actions (or inaction) affect and influence the world around us.

Did you know there are varying stories regarding our flag’s symbolism? One thing that remains constant though is the meaning behind the numbers. Each of the 50 stars represent a state in the Republic. And each stripe is a tribute to one of the original 13 colonies that fought and died for the basic freedoms many take for granted today.

As for the color choice, that story varies. Some say the colors were chosen to send a deliberate message to the British (whose flag uses the same). In changing the meaning behind the British red, white, and blue, the early Americans were flaunting their freedom in the face of their previous oppressors (and many others as well). Same colors: completely different meaning.

By taking the dominant British red and breaking it up with white, foreign entities are sent a clear message. Some even believe our red to be solid with the white stripes cutting through as a political statement against foreign rule (and a symbol of our succession from Britain). Still, others believe the white symbolizes the courage of those who fought and died for our freedom with the red representing the blood they shed.

Many believe the blue color to be a representation of justice and freedom. While the stars, taken directly from heaven, are a reminder of what every citizen should be striving for: a seat in heaven. This is why the bottom Paters on my rosary are blue, instead of red.

Even though the original symbolism intended by the founding fathers has been lost over time, one thing is for sure… Our national flag was created as a symbol of sovereignty, sending a clear message to the rest of the world. As you know, many nations’ flags use red, white and blue, but ours is the only one that represents TRUE FREEDOM! Even those countries modern progressives wish to imitate exist without some of the basic liberties we take for granted every day.

It sure gives us something to think about. Doesn’t it? 🙂

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